Services & Pricing

The following is a listing of our pricing per service. Or Download PDF

Cellar Service                                             Pricing
In and Out Charges $100 set up fee + $0.04/gallon
Racking Tank to Tank $100 set up fee + $0.04/gallon
Additions $50/tank + materials + 15%
Samples pulled by LWS $4.00 per bottle from tank
Samples pulled by client $2.00 per bottle
Samples pulled by client No Charge
LFE Supervision of third-party operations $250.00 set up
Additional Lab Charges Quoted in advance of service
Wood Products Installed $250/tank
Wood Products Removal $100/tank + labor
Tank Mixing $20/tank with N2 or $50/tank
with pump
Additional Labor $60/hour/person
Received Materials $35/shipment
Additional tank gassing $50/tank using Argon